Meet the Winners of the Voices Quilt Contest

VOICES – 2017 Quilt Contest

We are so excited to announce the winners of the 2017 Quilt Alliance quilt contest. The theme of the 2017 competition is “Voices”. We invited members to share their opinions, memories, language and truths in the form of a 16″ X 16″ quilt.

After judging, all of the beautiful contest entries were donated to the Quilt Alliance for our annual quilt auction fund-raising event. You can go to the Quilt Alliance auction site to view all of the quilts and can bid on the quilts starting Nov. 13, 2017. It’s a wonderful opportunity to own one or more of the special “Voices” quilts.

The Voices Quilt Contest Winners

First Place Award

Carol Poole of Rockledge, Florida, is the winner of this year’s First Place Award selected by Quilt Alliance members. Carol’s prize is an¬†HQ Stitch 710 sewing machine¬†provided by Handi Quilter (retail value:¬†$3,495.00).

Her quilt “My Alzheimer’s Voice,” pictured below, was made¬†with hand dyed batiks and silk batting, using burned fabric and raw edge applique techniques.¬†“I used my seam ripper for something besides unsewing,” says Poole. “I held the metal point over a candle until quite hot, then punched holes, to create the burned holes in my fabric, simulating the small burnt holes in my memories.
In her artist’s statement Poole reveals her experience as an artist in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.¬†“Having been diagnosed with early stage Alzheimers, I wanted to visually depict how my voice is changing. Once my thoughts, ideas and words were bright, quick, well-formed and easily articulated. They are becoming harder to express and even forgotten, at times, singed around the edges. The vortex expresses what my voice is and what my voice is becoming: less busy worked more reflective and thoughtful. I am slower to anger and am grateful of love.”
“My Alzheimer’s Voice” by Carol Poole.

Second Place Award

Quilt Alliance members chose Tim Latimer’s “Quilt Talk,” pictured below, to receive the Second Place Award,¬†an HQ Stitch 510 machine, provided by Handi Quilter (retail value: $1,495.00). Latimer, from Lansing, Michigan, created his piece from quilted leather, using¬†free motion quilting on an antique treadle sewing machine.
Tim described his quilt in his artist’s statement: “This Quilt represents my obsession with quilting. The voices in my head are often about quilting and those voices in my head need to come out. I talk quilts and I make quilts, and the quilts represent my artistic voice.”
“Quilt Talk” by Tim Latimer.

Third Place Award

The Third Place Award, also selected by Quilt Alliance members, goes to Ramona Bates of Little Rock, Arkansas, for her quilt, “On (the Line),” pictured below. Bates wins¬†an¬†HQ Stitch 210 machine, provided by Handi Quilter (retail value: $595.00).
Bates’ artist’s statement shares her remembrance of conversations with her mother and grandmother: “My mother died almost 8 yrs ago. Though I didn’t call often I still miss hearing her voice on the phone (& in person). This piece is a nod to conversations on the phone line and on line (ie Twitter)as we make our voices heard. My mom (& grandmother) would often say “a little bird told me” which I added to the label.”
“On (the Line)” by Ramona Bates

 Honorable Mention Awards

“Sisterhood of the Pussypants” by Betsy Vinegrad

“Quilt Kitty” by Margaret Abramshe

“Meow, Meow, Meow” by Nita E. Markos

“Shhh” by Beth Shibley

“Where Have All the Children Gone?” by Maude Wallace Haeger

“Memories Speak” by Ann M. Bordeau


“Verdant Whispers” by Hope Wilmarth

Judge’s Choice Awards

Judge’s Choice Awards were given to these six artists by quilt world professionals who were invited to participate in choosing their favorite quilts. Our thanks go to each and every one of them.

Judge’s Choice – Meg Cox

“Names – Voices – Memories” by Annedore Neumann

Judge’s Choice – Marianne Fons

“Alternate Facts” by Ellen L. Hernandez

Judge’s Choice – Marlene Ingraham

“Endangered” by Nancy S. Brown

Judge’s Choice – Mark Lipinski

“My Alzheimer’s Voice” by Carol Poole

Judge’s Choice – Paula Nadelstern

“Quilt Talk” by Tim Latimer

Judge’s Choice – Linda Pumphrey

“Discussing the Meaning of Life” by Mary J. Puckett

Honorable Mention and Judge’s Choice Award winners will receive Aurifil Thread Collections. All winners will receive StoryPatches quilt labels.¬†

See all of the quilts here: www.QuiltAllianceAuction.org

Online auction begins Nov. 13, 2017. 


Quilts will be exhibited at Quilters Take Manhattan event on Sept. 16, 2017, and in the Quilt Alliance booth at the International Quilt Festival, Nov. 2-5, 2017.
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