QTMbloghoplogoToday we launch our very first blog hop! We have a stellar list of blogs (see list below) to help us raise awareness of our annual fundraising event, Quilters Take Manhattan (QTM) and the Quilt Alliance mission.

To win a QTM Moda Home Ticket via this blog, please leave a comment about why you’d like to win. We’ll pick a winner at midnight tonight (9/5 at 12pm EDT) and post it at the close of the Hop. (Other hosts will give instructions on how to win in their giveaway.)

Also visit today for your chance to win:

Chris Dodsley @made by ChrissieD
Pat Sloan


hometicket2016withQTMlogocircle500wideThe QTM Moda Home Ticket provides a chance for those who can’t make it to the Big Apple to experience their own home slice of the event. Value of $35 ($30 for QA members). Winners of the Moda Home Ticket will receive by mail in late September a QTM Goody Bag, packed with samples and treats from all of our sponsors, and a chance to win select door prizes. Home Ticket holders will also receive priority access to online video of our Sunday with Sponsors event (sent via email link 2 weeks after event). Please note: this year’s Home Ticket will not include footage of QTM lectures and interviews due to the prohibitive cost. Home Ticket holders play an important role in supporting the work of the Alliance–thank you!

Drawings are open to all, but international winners are responsible for any customs fees that may be charged when shipment enters their country.

2015 QTM Goody Bag (drawing winners will receive the 2016 bag)

2015 QTM Goody Bag (drawing winners will receive the 2016 bag)

2016 QTM Tote ready for goodies from our sponsors.

2016 QTM Goody Bag ready to be filled, featuring this year’s Handi Quilter Grand Prize winning QA contest quilt by Margaret Cibulsky.












Visit the QTM Blog Hop page for full details.

Schedule of Participating Blogs

Day 1 – Monday, September 5

Quilt Alliance
Chris Dodsley @made by ChrissieD
Pat Sloan

Day 2 – Tuesday, September 6

Victoria Findlay Wolfe @VFW Quilts
Erin Sampson – Aurifil @Auribuzz
Freespirit Fabric
Heather Jones@Heather Jones Studio

Day 3 – Wednesday, September 7

Moda Fabrics @Moda Cutting Table
Denyse Schmidt on Instagram @dsquilts
Debbie Jeske @A Quilter’s Table

Day 4 – Thursday, September 8

Jacquie Gering @tallgrass prairie studio
Jessica Skultety @Quilty Habit
Gotham Quilts @Fabric Nerd
Handi Quilter

Day 5 – Friday, September 9

Kim Niedzwiecki @my go-go life
Leslie Tucker Jenison
John Kubiniec @Big Rig Quilting


Good luck, everyone! We hope to see you on our blog today and in the Big Apple for Quilters Take Manhattan in September 2017!


Amy Milne headshotPosted by Amy Milne
Executive Director, Quilt Alliance

How To Trim Flying Geese Without A Specialty Ruler

If you don’t have a Bloc-Loc ruler, you may find trimming these flying geese challenging. But by following these steps, you should be able to get four accurate geese in each color!

First, line up your ruler so the point of the flying geese unit will be trimmed exactly ¼” above the point. Try to line the unit up as straight as possible on the other three sides.

Next, flip the unit over. Line up the edge you just cut on the 2” line of the ruler as shown below, and trim the excess from the top.

Flip the unit right side up again. Line the lower left corner up with the 3 ½” mark on your ruler as shown above. Trim the excess on the right.

Finally, flip the unit over again so the point is pointing towards the 2” line. Align the left edge of the unit with the 3 ½” ruler mark as shown above and trim the excess on the right. Your flying goose unit is now ready to be pieced into your block!

Quilt Documentation Tip

 Andrea’s block story is all about the importance of quilt guilds. Quilting can feel solitary, but guilds bring us together. It’s a topic of conversation that was discussed with two Birthday Block of the Month Designers in a recent Textile Talk where the participants all shared emotional stories about their love for their guilds. 

Did you know that your guild can document your quilts as a group? Consider hosting a quilt documentation day in your guild! Follow these instructions and have members share three minute stories about one meaningful quilt in the Quilt Alliance’s signature Go Tell It documentation program. You could even host a screening so all of your members can see the videos! Get in touch at: qsos@quiltalliance.org

See You in October for Month Seven!

Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in the Quilt Alliance’s Birthday Block of the Month so far! Our designer for next month, the seventh block we’re making together, is Bonnie Hunter herself! 

Be sure to tag @quiltalliance and @3rdstoryworkshop on Instagram with your block photos this month, and use the hashtag #QuiltAllianceBOM. And leave any questions about this month’s block in the comments below!


  1. Emma Parker

    Can’t wait for QTM!

  2. Susan Y.

    Why do I want to win? HELLO one can never have enough quilty stuff and it’s fun to get goodies in the mail. Thanks for a chance.

  3. Julie Bailey

    I love quilting and how relaxing and rewarding it is. The rising cost of fabric and supplies makes it difficult for me to enjoy my hobby. The cost of traveling to a quilt show is not in my budget. I am sure there are other quilters experiencing the same challenges. Winning the Home Ticket would allow me to experience the event without the added costs.

  4. Amy Milne

    Me either, Emma!

  5. Debbie rhodes

    I live in Kansas no big quilt shows or national shows here this would be my chance to see what is available if I could attend.

  6. Sandra DeMers

    I would love to win because I enjoy surprises! This one looks like it would be so much fun to play with, and the tote is beautiful! Besides, I am a school teacher, and I need something wonderful to happen this time of year! Please pick me!!!

  7. Quilting Tangent

    Quilting goodies!

  8. Karen H.

    I love to quilt and would love to win more wonderful items to use. I have never been to a quilt show or event or NY. It would be so awesome to meet all the famous quilters and everyone. Thank you so much for the chance to win! Good luck to all.

  9. Tracey Bradshaw

    Quilting is a true passion for me, I spend every possible chance doing something related to my quilting, either it is designing the quilt, choosing fabrics, cutting fabrics, piecing, quilting, or whatever else needs to be done. To win a prize pack would just be the icing on the cake !!

  10. Betty Liehr

    Oh, I want to win the freebies, of course. But it would be an even better prize to win a trip to NY to attend the event!

  11. Lisa Marie

    Well, I won’t be able to attend the event in NYC so a home ticket would be the next best thing! I am so inspired by modern quilters that I’m sure I would enjoy the presentations. And the goody bag would be an exciting package to find in my mailbox. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Lauren Gaub

    I would like to win the QTM Moda Home Ticket because I recently within the past two years started quilting, and have been an admirer of some of the NY quilt shops. I’ve been to NYC before, but not as a quilter, so I feel like this is a good opportunity to experience NY quilting from home.

  13. Maryellen McAuliffe

    I’ve gone to QTM for a few years, and I’m not sure yet if I’m getting to go this year. The budget has been tight, so it would be so fun to still get the great goodie bag. I love using my bags when I shop, and loved seeing the products inside. I use the Moda zippered scissor pouch for my epp, and loved meeting so many great people. Thanks for the chance.

  14. Shirley JB

    I would love to win-an awesome opportunity-thank you!

  15. Nancy Zychek

    I would love to win because I have been quilting on and off for many years and have just started up again with passion since I am now semi-retired.

  16. Pati Cook

    why do I want to win? Because it is a great prize, and a project I would love to support more. Being in Arizona it is doubtful that I will be able to attend in person, so this would be a wonderful experience.

  17. Laura

    Sounds like a fabulous event which I’d love to attend but cannot. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. Mary M in upstate NY

    WHY do I want to win? Doesn’t EVERYONE want to win every contest they enter? But right now I want to win because that 2016 QTM Goody Bag is BEAUTIFUL and I want one!!!

  19. Barbara Corry

    Love, love, love quilting and love to see and learn about everything. Love goodie bags, love quilters. Love seeing gorgeous quilts that others have created.

  20. Barbara Johnson

    It’s always fun to win things, especially new quilting goodies!

  21. Lori Morton

    I would looove to Win because I know I will never get the privilege to attend such a grand event at QTM… and will treasure such a treat! 🙂 Thank you soooo much for the chance…

  22. LINDA

    Sounds like some neat Quilty Goodies to me>Thank You!

  23. Denneen Peterson

    I would love to win because I can’t attend the event. I love quilt stuff and promise to share with my mother, husband, and quilt friends.

  24. Cheri

    I would love to win. I’m building my stash, rulers ect. I’ve been quilting 2yrs.

  25. usairdoll

    Since I’m unable to travel to New Your for QTM, winning this giveaway would be the next best thing. I can only imagine all the knowledge and eye candy at this event!

    Thanks for a chance to win. Fingers crossed ;-D


  26. Joellyn Partyka

    I’d love to win as there are usually new quilty type things in giveaways and I so love to place with and use new Quilty gadgets, notions and patterns.

  27. Barb in Mi

    So glad one can join from home: Thank you for a chance of joining by QTM!

  28. Cindy

    Thank you for the opportunity to win from home since I can’t attend in person. Sounds like a great event. The last four years I have been unable to attend quilt shows and events due to a physical issue and miss learning and seeing all the new techniques/gadgets.

  29. Sandi

    I would love to win as I like getting free goodies in the mail. This is the first year I’ll be going to the show.

  30. Linda P

    It would be very cool to win..and I would share with my buddies..thanks for the chance to win! Love NY..from Illinois

  31. hueisei

    Great prize! Cool stuffs! Fabulous sponsors.

  32. Janie M

    I have never been to any quilting events. I always watch on bloggers posts. Thank you for having a great idea for the home tickets, for those of us who cannot be there. Thank you for the giveaway.

  33. Sue Nugent

    I would love to win the quilting goodies, since I will not be able to make it to NY for the event

  34. Barb K.

    This would be such a great variety of things to try!

  35. Carol Andrews

    I’d love to win since the goodie bag and access to video would be as good as attending! I am the caretaker of a husband with MS, so quilting is my sanity saver. We are unable to travel, so winning this would be as close to attending and seeing all the new quilty gadgets, techniques and treasures as I get! thanks to you and your wonderful sponsors for sharing the dream!

  36. Carol Andrews

    I’d love to win since the goodie bag and access to video would be as good as attending! I am the caretaker of a husband with MS, so quilting is my sanity saver. We are unable to travel, so winning this would be as close to attending and seeing all the new quilty gadgets, techniques and treasures as I get! thanks to you and your wonderful sponsors for sharing the dream!

  37. Livia Boggs

    How exciting it would be to win!

  38. Susan N.

    I would like to win as I am a beginning quilter and it sounds like I could learn a lot.

  39. Tammie Schaffer

    Sounds like a wonderful event! Wish I could be there in person, but winning this would be pretty nice too.

  40. Barbara Mummers

    I’d like to take “it” out of the box, use “it” out of the box, and box what I make with “it” to gift someone special!

  41. Allison CB

    Awesome – wish I could go!! but winning fabric and other quilty things would make up for it!!! LOL

  42. Chris

    I have a quilt UFO group that I love to share with. I can see me bringing the box in and letting everyone pick a prize or maybe I’d wrap them all so they wouldn’t know till they unwrapped what they were getting.

  43. Anita

    I live far away from any quilt shows, so it would be a nice comfort for me to win a goody bag!

  44. Patricia Lines

    Sounds like a great event. Wish I could be there.

  45. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

    Being there in person would be amazing, but winning this “home” ticket would be a fantastic (and more realistic) option for me. Thank you for the opportunity to win and participate from afar.

  46. Shannon Miller

    I would like to win because I’m passionate about quilting and love receiving quilty stuff. I am housebound with a severely disabled child, so I don’t get any opportunities to go to quilt shows. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. GG Hardy

    Oh, don’t we all wish we could hop over to NYC for the big show? Alas, I cannot. When my mother passed away, I found an amazing bundle of partially completed Crazy Quilt pieces and that’s when I knew I had to learn to quilt so I could finish the legacy quilt. I am hooked and never looked back. Thanks for this opportunity.

  48. Summer

    That is a CUTE bag, and I’m all about the reusable bags, though most folks in Texas aren’t on that bandwagon yet! My grandmother was a quilter, but we have so little documentation about what she did or when and how; we have our memories and her quilts. Thank goodness these days for phone cameras, blogs, and photo sharing programs! There is so much opportunity to document what we do, why, and how, as well as our inspirations, dreams, successes and failures. As long as this internet thing keeps going!

  49. Paige Alexander

    Would love to be there in person….but, if not, the goodie bag would be awesome! Thanks for the your great work!


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