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Bang You’re Dead – Jaquie Gering, 2013

Photo: Gregory Case Photography

Quilt Details

Jacquie Gering

Bang You’re Dead, 2012

Cotton fabric, batting, and thread

Machine pieced and quilted

Collection of the artist

Bang is about my husband’s work with the Chicago Public Schools and the children who are, on a daily basis, affected by the violence in the city.  It is my call for action and for not ignoring the problems of children and families even though we may live in safe places where we are not affected.  It is important to have conversations about guns, about poverty, about mental health and about violence in our society in order to create solutions that will change the lives of children and their families.


Additional Quilt Information:

The intensity of violence in some areas of Chicago is widely known, but it is felt in a unique way by the city’s educators who are confronted with the way violence impacts children. “The quilt was inspired by my husband’s work,” said Gering. “He works for the Chicago Public Schools, and every day that my husband goes into work, the first thing he gets is a list of the children in the school district that have been hurt or killed.”

Looking at Bang You’re Dead, the graphic gun and blood could symbolize many things



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