Quilt Alliance Member Opportunities

We are an Alliance with experienced and creative members and as we plan for 2021, we would like to invite each of you to play a bigger role in our content, projects and goals.  Please take a look at the following options and respond via the form at the bottom of the page if you would like to volunteer your skills and experience in the new year.

Index QSOS interviews

A small team of volunteers has just received training to begin the pilot phase of a project to create indexes for more than 1,200 Quilters’ S.O.S. – Save Our Stories (QSOS) oral history interviews.  This is web-based database work that involves listening to QSOS oral history interviews and creating an Index for them (adding keywords, subject tags, section titles and summaries, GPS and other links and an interview description). We’ll be adding more volunteers in early 2021: online training is provided and volunteers work independently.

Nominate yourself or another member for a Meet a Member interview.

We capture these interviews with our members because we love to share your great quilt stories with the rest of our members! We record these short video interviews online. Examples: Vicky Harrell, Connie Kincius Griner, and Sandy Teepen.

Participate in a panel discussion for a 2021 Quilt Alliance Textile Talk.

We are looking for individuals or groups who have carried out (or are currently planning) a quilt documentation project. These could focus on a family collection, or quilts connected by theme, maker group, location, time period, etc. Other panel topics will be developed for this series. Examples of Textile Talks presented by the Quilt Alliance are here.

Share a quilt(s) for a Go Tell It in the Zoom Room! program

We are planning several Go Tell It! quilt show and tell virtual sessions for 2021 and would like to draw from our membership as much as possible. Participants will choose a quilt (one you made or one you own) that they would like to share via Zoom by having the quilt hanging or held behind/beside them while they tell its story for 3 minutes or less. Participants might also be invited to participate in discussion or Question and Answer segments. Watch an example of Go Tell It in the Zoom Room! with members of the Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild. 

Demo how you create and attach quilt labels and/or the process you use for documenting your quilts.

This can be anything from a low-tech, easy label to high-end embroidered, embellished labels. Let’s inspire the rest of our community and promote our vision, No More Anonymous Quiltmakers! Have you seen our Label Love Inspiration gallery on Instagram?


Please submit the form below if you would like to contacted by QA staff or board members about any of the volunteer opportunities listed.