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Through the end of 2020, your gift will be DOUBLED thanks to a generous matching donor!

Make it possible for us to share another quiltmaker’s voice with the world by sponsoring a QSOS interview. Your donation will help us cover the cost of preparing an interview to be made available on our new QSOS platform. That includes the costs associated with file formatting, transcript editing and indexing, and web hosting.

We’re excited to share these special gifts with our donors:
$25 donation: Digital QSOS badge
$50 donation: Digital QSOS badge + Quilt Alliance note pad
$75 donation: Digital QSOS badge + note pad + QSOS lapel pin



Sponsor an interview and bring a quiltmaker’s story to life!

Over the past twenty-one years, the QSOS project has documented and recorded more than 1,100 interviews with quiltmakers worldwide. Those twelve hundred voices tell stories of creativity, artistry, patience, grief, love, joy, and seam-ripping! They capture the story of two decades of quiltmaking.

The Quilt Alliance is dedicated to bringing these voices into the next decades by making interview recordings available online with rich description, enhanced searchability, and an online presence that makes finding, browsing, and sharing interviews easy. But we can’t do it without your help: nearly 900 cassette tapes have recently been digitized by our partners at the Louie B. Nunn Oral History Center at the University of Kentucky Libraries. Quilt Alliance staff members are now preparing these interviews to be viewed on the website. Visit the new QSOS site here.

If you support our mission of documenting, preserving, and sharing the stories of quilts and quiltmakers, join us by becoming a member or renewing your membership, making a donation, or learning how your business or corporation can become a supporter of the Quilt Alliance.

Through the end of 2020, your gift will be DOUBLED thanks to a generous matching donor!

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For $100+ donations, which book would you like?

Vikki Pignatelli, Ricky Tims, Yvonne Porcella, Not applicable