Quilt StoryShare

StoryShares are virtual gatherings to celebrate quilts and their makers. We’ll hear quilt stories gathered around a theme, documenting an exhibition, or from a local community. You can share your quilt — whether it’s one you made or one you own — or just join us to hear the rich stories of the quilt community. See other quilt stories we’ve recorded here, or learn how to record your own quilt story on this page.

Are you an exhibition curator, quilt shop owner, or community leader interested in hosting a StoryShare? Get in touch!

Remember Me: Memorial Quilt StoryShare

Have you ever made a quilt to honor the loss of a loved one? Contribute your story.

The Quilt Alliance is teaming up with the Quilt Show and the International Quilt Museum to collect and share stories about memorial quilts. If you have made a memorial quilt or received one in honor of someone in your life, we would love to hear your story. 

You can film the video yourself (or with a family member or friend)–we’ve put together easy instructions! We’ll share a selection of videos via the Quilt Show and Quilt Alliance newsletters, and feature all the stories we receive on a special webpage and YouTube playlist.

The Quilt Alliance has a project called Go Tell It! that is all about preserving quilt stories, and anyone can submit their story. Just record a video that is 3 minutes or less in length via a smart phone or tablet about your memorial quilt and upload it to the Quilt Alliance website. Visit this page for step by step guidelines, from recording tips to uploading your video.  Here are some examples of quilt stories we’ve collected in the past to get you started.

Sacred Threads Quilt StoryShare

Join us on June 18th from 2:00-3:30 pm Eastern for a virtual gathering to share stories of joy, inspiration, spirituality, healing, grief and peace/brotherhood through quiltmaking. We’re partnering with the Sacred Threads exhibition–an international juried quilt exhibition held biennially since 2001–for a community screening of recorded quilt stories, and a QSOS interview with Sacred Threads curator Barb Hollinger. 

Contribute your story.

If you have a quilt that relates to any of the exhibition themes and you would like to record a three-minute video about it, please consider sharing it! You can film the video yourself (or with a family member or friend), or sign up for a Zoom appointment. We’ll share a selection of videos at our June 18th event, and feature the rest on a special website for the event.

These past Go Tell It at the Quilt Show! Interviews from the Sacred Threads exhibition are an amazing example of the diverse stories we’ve documented in the past.

Join us for the community screening.

Even if you don’t plan on sharing a quilt, you’ll want to attend our virtual event, Sacred Threads Quilt StoryShare on June 18th. Come enjoy inspiring stories and the emotional power of quilts with quiltmakers from all over. 

Tickets are available for $10 for Quilt Alliance members, $15 for non-members. “Tellers” receive complimentary admission.