The Quilt Alliance brings together a vital, active network of individuals and organizations nationwide including, but not limited to, quiltmakers, guilds, historians, folklorists, archivists, corporations, quilt shops, museums, collectors, universities, and families. This network includes you. As an alliance, we seek to celebrate and preserve quilt’s art and history, and the creativity of quiltmakers both in the past and present. Membership dues and contributions make up over 60% of our frugal operating budget and enable our mission unlike any other single source of support. You can choose from one of the membership levels below or simply make a donation of the dollar amount you choose. All memberships are renewable annually and tax-deductable.


Individual Membership

    • Friendship: $25
    • Album: $50
    • Sunburst: $75
    • Signature: $125


Guild/Organizational/Small Business Level

  • $200/year
  • Email us for more information about guild/organization/small business memberships!

Quilt Alliance Membership: Join or Renew


  • All our supporters have the option to receive the Quilt Alliance eNewsletter, emailed monthly.
  • All our supporters have the option to be listed in our Quilt Alliance Directory online—members at the $125 level and higher receive an optional professional/extended listing.
  • Members can enter our annual quilt contest for no charge—we are honored to exhibit your work and to meet you in person whenever we have the opportunity!
  • Reduced entry fees for Alliance events like Quilters Take Manhattan, our annual fundraiser in NYC, and Not Fade Away, our biennial Quilts and Oral History Conference in Herndon, VA
  • Members receive modest thank you gifts to help them spread the word about the Quilt Alliance. Our Alliance logo pin is offered at the $25+ membership levels, the logo tote bag is offered at the $50+ level and the labeling kit is offered at the $125 level

Additional Information

Type of membership

New membership, Renewal

Membership level

$25 -Individual Friendship, $50 – Individual Album, $75 – Individual Sunburst, $125 – Individual Signature, $200 – Guild/Organization/Small Business Membership