The Quilt Alliance is excited to join with five other fiber organizations to present “Textile Talks”, a virtual lecture series you can enjoy from home.

“Textile Talks” features weekly presentations and panel discussions from the International Quilt Museum, the Modern Quilt Guild, Quilt Alliance, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, Studio Art Quilt Associates and Surface Design Association. The programs are presented live on Zoom at 2 p.m. Eastern (adjust for your time zone) each Wednesday. 

Preregistration is required and recordings for all past Textile Talks are available here.

Upcoming Textile Talks

Wednesday, April 21, 2pm EDT (register now)
Layered & Stitched: 50 Years of Innovative Art
Presented by Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)

Layered & Stitched: 50 Years of Innovative Art is a gorgeous showcase of 50 art quilts by renowned master artists. Seminal works show the evolution of the art quilt from the earliest pioneers creating during the 1960s through to today’s artists experimenting with new forms, new materials, and new digital technologies.

Trace the development of this exciting art form as it developed from isolated makers, primarily in Ohio and California, into an international movement involving thousands of artists spanning the globe.

In this Textile Talk, we’ll be hearing from exhibiting artists Valerie Goodwin, Michael James, and Katie Pasquini Masopust about their work, process, and inspiration.

Wednesday, April 28, 2pm EDT (Register now)
Abstract Design in American Quilts at 50: New York Nexus
Presented by: International Quilt Museum

The International Quilt Museum presents “Abstract Design in American Quilts at 50: New York Nexus” with Dr. Sandra Sider for this week’s Textile Talk. This exhibit examines the importance of New York’s museums and galleries in promoting the acceptance of textile and fiber art in the fine art world. A number of groundbreaking exhibitions in the 1960s and ‘70s, including the Whitney Museum of American Art’s “Abstract Design in American Quilts”, promoted the idea that textiles could be displayed alongside paintings, prints, and sculpture.

Many of the early leaders of what would become the studio art quilt movement saw these seminal exhibitions and were encouraged to pursue quiltmaking as their primary artistic medium. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2pm EDT (Register now)
Social Justice Sewing Academy with Sara Trail
Presented by: San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

Founded by Sara Trail in 2017, the Social Justice Sewing Academy (SJSA) is a Bay Area-based education program that empowers young people to use sewing to express themselves and create opportunities for personal growth and social change. Through a series of hands-on workshops in schools, prisons, and community centers across the country, SJSA works with youth to use textiles as a vehicle for community engagement and social activism. Join us for an inspiring presentation by Sara Trail as she shares more about her organization’s mission and upcoming projects.

Wednesday, May 12, 2pm EDT (Register now)
Presented by: Modern Quilt Guild

Name an illness, medical condition, or disease and you will find quiltmaking associated with it. From Alzheimer’s to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lou Gehrig’s Disease to Crigler-Najjar Syndrome, and for nearly every form of cancer, millions of quilts have been made in support of personal well-being, health education, patient advocacy, memorialization of victims, and fundraising. Drawing on stories and images in the book Quilts and Health, some from the collections of the Michigan State University Museum, and more included in The Quilt Index (www.quiltindex.org), this session will explore many aspects of the intersection of quilts and health, including in the time of COVID.

Wednesday, May 19, 2pm EDT (Registration link available soon)
Presented by: the Quilt Alliance

Join us for an oral history interview with quiltmaker Lisa Ellis conducted by quiltmaker Katie Pasquini Masopust for the Quilters’ S.O.S. – Save Our Stories project (QSOS). The grassroots QSOS project has been documenting the lives of quiltmakers for more than two decades. We’ll take a behind-the-scenes peek at the process of collecting and preserving quilt stories for QSOS as we talk with Lisa about her work and life in quilts, then follow the interview from digital recording to historical document, usable by researchers and curious quilt lovers alike.

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