The Quilt Alliance brings together a vital, active network of individuals and organizations nationwide including, but not limited to, quiltmakers, guilds, historians, folklorists, archivists, corporations, quilt shops, museums, collectors, universities, and families. This network includes you. As an alliance, we seek to celebrate and preserve quilts’ art and history, and the creativity of quiltmakers both in the past and present. Membership dues and contributions make up over 60% of our frugal operating budget and enable our mission unlike any other single source of support. You can choose from one of the membership levels below or simply make a donation of the dollar amount you choose. All memberships are renewable annually and tax-deductible.

Check out our October Thank You Gift & Drawing Prizes

Quilt Alliance Membership: Join or Renew


  • Members receive exclusive access to StoryBee, an interview show created exclusively for our members. The twenty-minute web-based program profiles notable people who make, collect, sell, study, exhibit and/or preserve quilts.
  • All our supporters have the option to receive the Quilt Alliance eNewsletter, emailed regularly.
  • All our supporters have the option to be listed on our Supporters page—members at the $150 level and higher receive an optional professional/extended listing.
  • Quilt Guilds or organizations who purchase a Quilt Alliance Group Membership qualify for a 33% discount on Quilt Alliance outreach and education programming.
  • Members receive modest thank you gifts to help them spread the word about the Quilt Alliance. Our adorable enameled Alliance logo pin is offered at the $60+ membership levels, the logo tote bag is offered at the $90+ level and the QA logo tee is offered at the $150 level.

Additional Information

Type of membership

New membership, Renewal

Membership level

Student, Individual Friendship, Individual Album, Individual Sunburst, Individual Signature, Guild/Organization/Small Business Membership

Contact QA Office Manager Debby Josephs if you would like to check the status of your membership.


Individual Membership

    • Student: $20
    • Friendship: $30
    • Album: $60
    • Sunburst: $90
    • Signature: $150

 Group (Guild/Organizational/Small Business) Membership

  • $200/year
  • Group receive:
    • Placement of group name and link on our website.
    • Two free banner ads in our newsletter per year.

Thank you to Vikki Pignatelli for the exciting membership incentive for members this month.

October Thank You Gift for New and Renewing Members (while supplies last):

Thank you gift for New and Renewing Members offered this month: book by Vikki Pignatelli.

October Members’ Drawing Prizes

All current members as of 10/31/19 will automatically be entered in our October Members’ Drawing. This month we’ll be giving way two of our new Quilt Alliance t-shirts. And on December 31, all current members will automatically be entered in our End of Year Members’ Drawing for two Oliso irons. Two lucky winners will be announced by January 31, 2020. Thank you, Oliso, for helping us thank the people who fuel our work–our members!


Another Members’ Benefit: StoryBee

On February 14, 2018 the Quilt Alliance introduced StoryBee, a new interview show created exclusively for our members. It’s a way for us to say “thank you!” to our members and to come together to enjoy stories from prominent quilt lovers across the country (and the world). Why StoryBee? Just like you’d bring your best thimble and your best stories to a quilt bee, we want to bring you little slices of life from across the quilt world.

Vikki Pignatell, our October StoryBee guest

The web-based interview show profiles notable people who make, collect, sell, study, exhibit and/or preserve quilts. In keeping with the Quilt Alliance mission to document, preserve and share the history of quilts, StoryBee records conversations with people from all corners of the quilt world, touring their workspace and finding out what’s on their minds.

QA members can watch the videos at their convenience by logging into a new Members-Only Corner on the QA’s website (all current members receive emails when new content is available and/or when they join/renew). Watch the first StoryBee episode below, or click on the video to watch it in YouTube. You can also find teasers for all StoryBee episodes here.