QSOS Copyright Transfer Form

Thanks so much for helping us bring QSOS into the digital age! We’re beginning a partnership with the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky Libraries. With their help, we’ve come up with a wonderful solution that combines digital audio and images, along with keywords that make QSOS interviews easier to discover and browse. This transfer simply means that the Nunn Center will be able to grant permission to authors, documentary filmmakers, podcasters, etc. who discover your interview and are inspired to quote you or use an excerpt from the audio.

To sign, click on the signature box, then select “draw”. Type your name, then you can sign with your mouse (it’s okay if it’s not the prettiest signature, as long as it’s yours!). Once you’ve completed all the fields, you can submit the form.

After you sign, you’ll get an email confirming your signature. Once you’ve clicked the link in the signature, you’ll receive a copy of the form with your signature. Need help? Send us an email!