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Welcome to another quilt jigsaw puzzle from Quilt Alliance! The beautiful quilts in the puzzles have all been entries in past Quilt Alliance quilt contests. Be sure to sign up for our blog notifications, so that you don’t miss any of the upcoming puzzles.


Up and Away by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill

This week’s puzzle spotlights a quilt titled Up and Away made by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill of Woodbridge, CT for the 2016 Quilt Alliance contest and auction, “Playing Favorites.” Materials: Cotton Fabric, Cotton Thread, Cotton Batting. Techniques: Foundation Paper Piecing, Domestic Machine Quilted.

Artist’s Statement

I designed and produced Up and Away using one of my favorite piecing techniques–foundation paper piecing. I love paper piecing because I can design and execute precise design elements. All of my paper piecing designs are created in Adobe Illustrator. I also love testing out new designs on a small scale before producing them larger. This challenge was the perfect opportunity to prototype a new design!

Sheri’s quilt won Judge’s Choice (Mark Lipinski) and Honorable Mention (awarded by Quilt Alliance members). 

Judge Mark Lipinski’s comments: This entry is an original paper-pieced composition, a drifting hot air balloon, with an intentional modern design sensibility. On first impression, the simple templates and pieced colors jump off of the solid white background, drawing me in. I found the overall impact of the work fresh and clean. The shapes within the balloon widen and grow, from slivers of lime green (representing the balloon’s flame) through various blues and finally to deep red- and blue-toned purples, giving the small quilt both heft and dimension. I thought the artist’s fabric choices thoughtful and effective—primarily solid colors with just the slightest bit of minimalistic patterned fabric tossed into the mix. The quilting is simple but efficient, made up of clean and clear straight lines that accent the shapes within the balloon, contrasted with the slightly wavy lines quilted in the background. I really appreciated the white binding the designer used, as almost any other color would have felt heavy and constraining.

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