Meet a QA Member: Sandy Teepen

The Quilt Alliance membership includes some of the most interesting people in the quilt world! This series introduces and documents the rich stories and talents of our members. In this episode meet Sandy Teepen, an art quilter from Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. We first met Sandy at Quilters Take Manhattan, our biennial fundraiser in the Big Apple. She has been a passionate supporter of our mission ever since and we were eager to pay a virtual visit to her colorful home studio. Sandy went to art school and has a background in costume shop and theater, but motherhood delayed her creative career. After she and her late husband moved to Atlanta in 1982, she began taking classes as the Atlanta campus of the Savannah College of Art and Design and found her love for collage with paper and fabric–her gateway to quilting. Sandy is an ardent and confident marketer of her own work and has found success in working with an IT professional to help her enter shows and document her work. Follow Sandy on Facebook and Instagram, and visit her website to see more of her work and get updates on her upcoming one-woman show in 2021. We hope you enjoy this virtual visit with Sandy!

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