Calling All Makers!

This year at Quilters Take Manhattan, all attendees are invited to wear garments or accessories featuring fabric in the Quilters Take Manhattan Collection, pictured below.

To enter, you must have a ticket to attend the Main Event of Quilters Take Manhattan. The QTM Main Event at the Fashion Institute of Technology will be Saturday, September 16 from 9-5.

Why a Fashion Challenge?

The Fashion Institute of Technology, in the heart of Manhattan’s Garment District, has been our venue for Quilters Take Manhattan since we launched the event in 2011. So each year, we love including a little celebration of fashion, and the history of the garment industry in NYC. Check out QTM Add-On Events on Friday, September 15 at the FIT Museum and the Tenement Museum for more fashion and garment related history.

One of the highlights for the QTM team is documenting what our attendees wear to the event. We’ve even chosen event colors some years. Since 2015, QTM volunteers have created their own aprons, accessories and other wearables using our own QTM logo fabric (swatches above and for sale here). We invite all QTM Main Event at FIT attendees to join us in the fun. Enter the QTM Fashion Challenge by creating an item (garment or accessory) to wear to QTM. All participants will get the chance to strut their wearable at the event, and prizes will be awarded by a panel of judges who work in the fashion industry (Dganit Avital (Patternmaker/Draper, Vera Wang), Deborah Kreiling (Design Development Director, Simplicity Creative Group), and Angelica McGregor (Associate Designer, Herman Kay). We will also let our audience choose a few special awards of their own. Prizes will be provided by our sponsors.

How to Enter

It’s easy!

1. Purchase your ticket to the QTM Main Event at FIT on Saturday, September 16 here.

2. Fill in the registration form here, so we’ll know how many people to expect at QTM.

3. Create a wearable or accessory that uses at least 50% QTM logo fabrics (five fabrics to choose from, found here).

4. Wear your design to QTM and be ready to share your creation. You’ll receive a special nametag with your entry number when you check in at FIT on September 16.

Good luck!

QTM Logo Fashions from 2015 and 2016:

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