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Welcome to another quilt jigsaw puzzle from Quilt Alliance! The beautiful quilts in the puzzles have all been contestants or quilt donations in current or past Quilt Alliance contests and auctions. Be sure to sign up for our blog notifications, so that you don’t miss any of the upcoming puzzles.


Diamonds Are Girl’s Best Friend by Teresa Stoller

This week’s puzzle spotlights a quilt entitled Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend made by Teresa Stoller of Flagler Beach, Florida for the 2011 Quilt Alliance “Alliances: People, Patterns, Passion” contest and auction.

Artist’s Statement

This quilt is my playful interpretation of the theme People, Pattern, Passions. I was inspired by wonderful memoires of attending Baltimore Orioles’ baseball games at Camden Yards with my husband and two children. As I looked around the stadium, I saw those 47,000 heads as a sea of colorful circular shapes ….. big, small, dark, light, rough, smooth ….. all different, yet the same: a repetition of happy circles! In my quilt, the circles were cut from many different sizes of cotton fabric and further embellished with some fun items, including Angelina fibers and film, snowflake sequins, distorted ‘gold’ color chocolate candy container parts, and melted nylon mesh potato bagging. The most significant circle, the baseball, was created with cheesecloth over a base of cotton fabric, and was further embellished with Shiva Paintstiks to ‘roughen’ it up a bit like a well played baseball! And, of course, if it didn’t have its bright red stitching, it just wouldn’t be as American as ‘baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and ‘ …. Well, you know the rest! I was ALWAYS fascinated by that perfectly cut grass that spanned the baseball field ….. a huge field of gorgeous diamond shapes! I created my diamonds in the field with jacquard paints, acrylic craft paint, Angelina fibers and straight stitching. I invite you to gaze into my quilt, hear the cheering fans, smell the popcorn and stadium hot dogs, enjoy the game and revel in the beauty of that perfectly cut field. I’m sure every woman in the stadium dreamed of a lawn at home that looked like that; after all, Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend!

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