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Welcome to another quilt jigsaw puzzle from Quilt Alliance! The beautiful quilts in our puzzles have all been entries in past Quilt Alliance quilt contests.

Do You Have a Bernina by Yvonne Porcella

This puzzle spotlights a quilt titled Do You Have a Bernina? made by Yvonne Porcella of California for the 2009 Quilt Alliance contest and auction, Crazy for Quilts.

Materials and processes:

Silks fused, cotton, Dream Green batting, machine applique and quilting.

Artist’s Statement

When I was stitching on this quilt, I kept thinking how wonderfully my Bernina sewed all the satin stitches and how easy it was to change feet on the machine for specific areas of stitching. The two birds look like they are talking – Imagine the larger bird suggesting if the smaller bird had a Bernina machine, it also could have a long tail.

E Pluribus Unum by Loree Marquardt

This puzzle spotlights a quilt titled E Pluribus Unum made by Loree Marquardt of Colorado for the 2011 Quilt Alliance contest and auction, Crazy for Quilts.

Materials and processes:

100% cotton fabric, warm & natural cotton batting, cotton thread, foundation paper piecing, hot fix swarovski rhinestone crystals, machine quilted.

Artist’s Statement

With a few artistic liberties this is my rendition of the Great Seal. The Great Seal is a symbolic reminder of the unity between the thirteen colonies and becoming the United State of America.

Chintz Bird by Pat Holly

This puzzle spotlights a quilt titled Chintz Bird made by Pat Holly of Michigan for the 2008 Quilt Alliance contest and auction, My Quilts/Our History.

Materials and processes:

Decorative machine stitched background, stitched raw edge fused, machine appliquéd, machine quilted.

Artist’s Statement

This quilt reflects many aspects of my quiltmaking journey. I love antique textiles (this was inspired by an 18th C. Indian chintz fabric) and want to bring these old images to the present. Embellishing the background with machine stitches is a technique I’ve been using for years. I enjoy using modern machines and exploring ways to incorporate the stitching into my quilts. Finally, I continue to be intrigued with the bird image, both real and imagined.

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Chickadees at Home by Cynthia St. Charles

This puzzle spotlights a quilt titled Chickadees at Home made by Cynthia St. Charles of Montana for the 2012 Quilt Alliance contest and auction, Home Is Where the Quilt Is.

Materials and processes:

Cotton – handpainted, block printed, screen printed, fused applique. Fabric paint.

Artist’s Statement

The birdfeeder outside my dining room window attracts large groups of lively chickadees year around. I’ve been able to get good digital photos of them, which I converted for screen printing. I began with white cotton fabric, then hand painted, block printed and screen printed before adding machine quilt to crate this piece called “Chickadees at Home”.

Beulah and Irene by Sue Rook Nichols

This puzzle spotlights a quilt titled Beulah and Irene made by Sue Rook Nichols of California for the 2015 Quilt Alliance contest and auction, Animals We Love.

Materials and processes:

The materials I used were 100% cotton with low loft polyester batting. I fused the raw edge applique to the background and stitched them down with a straight stitch. A double layer of batting is behind Beulah and Irene to make them stand out. I quilted this on my HQ 16. The binding is machine applied and hand stitched to the back. Buttons were added for eyes.

Artist’s Statement

Beulah and Irene, our two hens, used to hang out on our patio and watch us through door.  Every so often they would peck on the glass as if to ask “Hey!  Can we come in?”  Before this I never realized that chickens have such funny personalities.