Britches on Ladies.

On this day in 1720, cross-dressing English pirate Mary Read died in prison in Jamaica. She was pregnant at the time. Read lived her life as a man on and off throughout her life. As a girl, her mother dressed her as a boy to gain favor and funding from her grandmother. Mary’s half-brother had died recently and her mother hoped to fool the woman to gain her husband’s inheritance. Mary continued to live as a boy and after serving as a footman, sought work as a sailor, joining a band of Caribbean pirates eventually.

Peggy Scott of Arapahoe, of North Carolina, made this Little Boy’s Britches quilt in the 1930’s. Scott machine pieced this 77.5” x 78.5” with scraps and hand quilted it with the help of neighbors. She documented her quilt in 1996 as part of the North Carolina Quilt Project.

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