On this day in 1878, Princess Ingeborg was born at Charlottenlund Palance near Copenhagen, the daughter of Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and Princess Louise of Sweden. She married Prince Carl of Sweden in 1887. In 1947, on the occasion of their wedding anniversary, her spouse admitted that their marriage had been completely arranged by their respective fathers, and Ingeborg herself added: “I married a complete stranger!”

Kristine Erickson of Peteo, Sweden hand pieced this Log Cabin quilt around 1895 and mailed it to her daughter Celina Gothblad in the U.S., who adding backing, batting and tied it together in the 1930’s. Gothblad’s daughter, who now owns the quilt and documented it during the Michigan Quilt Project, remembers when her mother received the quilt from Sweden. “She showed me strips of fabrics which were from dress material that she wore when young.”

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Posted by Amy E. Milne
Executive Director, Quilt Alliance

See You in June for Month Three!

Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in the Quilt Alliance’s Birthday Block of the Month so far! We’ve made two very different but complementary blocks together and we can’t wait to make more. Join us next month as we make a block designed by Pat Sloan — we’ll send instructions out on the 15th.

Be sure to tag @quiltalliance and @zakfoster.quilts on Instagram with your block photos this month, and use the hashtag #QuiltAllianceBOM (or email us a photo of your block at blockparty@quiltalliance.org). And leave any questions about this month’s block in the comments below!


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