Bold in Burgundy
On this day in 1457 Mary, the Duchess of Burgundy was born (an only child) to Charles the Bold and Isabella of Bourbon. After her father’s death in 1477 she took over the rule of the Netherlands, Franche-Comte, Artois and Picardy. She successfully resisted Louis XI of France’s efforts to force her to marry his son, the Dauphin Charles, in order to stake claim of these lands for France. Instead Mary chose Maximilian, archduke of Austria and they had three children. She died at the age of 25 in a horseback riding accident.

15-32-39D2.13.13This burgundy and white wholecloth beauty was made by Beatrice Wong in the 1940’s in Honolulu on Oahu Island, Hawaii. The top is hand appliqued and not quilted.  It was documented by the owner during the Hawaiian Quilt Research Project in 1997. I found this quilt by using the Search Quilts page and choosing Burgundy under the Predominate Colors drop-down menu (see below).


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