Heartthrobs and quilts from the heart.
On this day in 1964 the Beatles were greeted at New York’s Kennedy airport by 3,000 adoring fans on their first visit to the U.S. The “Fab Four” were all in their early twenties and had just scored their first number one hit on the American pop charts, “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”1-6-86-110_2.7.13

Karen Griska of White Plains, New York made this 15” x 15” wall quilt titled “Many Happy Quilts,” in 2008 for the Quilt Alliance contest “My Quilts/Our History.” Karen says in her artist’s statement:

The radio was playing “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles and gas cost just $.32/gallon in 1966 when I made my first quilt at age 13. Since then I have made over 200 quilts. I love improvisational designs, solid color fabrics, and traditional blocks, so this quilt came straight from my heart. I hope to make another 200 quilts, sewing through good times and bad, and whatever life holds for me. I wish you many happy quilts. Visit Karen’s Selvage Blog.

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