On my honor, I will do my best.
On this day in 1908 Robert Baden-Powell’s handbook, the first volume of Scouting for Boys, was published, launching the Boy Scouts movement in England. The American version of the Boy Scouts was founded as a result of an inspirational event in England in 1909. The U. S. founder of the Boy Scouts, William Boyce, lost his way in the London fog and a young scout came to his rescue, refusing a tip for his good deed.


There are a number of Boy Scout related quilts in The Quilt Index. This One Patch quilt was made by members of Cub Scout Pack 867 of Franconia, Michigan with the help of Patricia A. Kirk. The quilt was made for President Gerald Ford and was personally presented to him in 1976. The quilt is now owned by the Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan and was documented as part of the Michigan Quilt Project in 1985.

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