On this day in 1950, the Korean War began when armed forces from communist North Korea attacked South Korea. A three-year war ensued with the United States, acting under the auspices of the United Nations, fighting in defense of South Korea. It is estimate that more than 2,800,000 people died during this war, including soldiers and civilians from the United States, North Korea, South Korea, China as well as UN countries.

Bonnie Sanmann Stenger of Buffalo, Wyoming machine pieced and quilted this “Purple Hearts” quilt in 2001. The inscription of the quilt reads: “Purple Heart Quilt/in memory of my three late uncles who were veterans of WWII. And the youngest who was also in Korea and two tours in Viet Nam. God Bless Them. By Bonnie Sanamann Stenger, Buffalo, Wyo 2001.” The quilt was documented by Stenger during the Wyoming Quilt Project in 2002.

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