On this day in 278AD, a priest named Valentine was brutally executed for defying Emperor “Claudius the Cruel’s” ban on marriages and engagements. Claudius was convinced that his waning military enrollment was due to the Roman mens’ allegiances to their wives. According to one legend, Valentine left a note for his friend, the jailer’s daughter, and signed it “From Your Valentine.” This is just one version of how Valentine, sainted after his death, became associated with this lover’s holiday.

Quilting legend Yvonne Porcella of Modesto, California made this 16” x 16” quilt for the 2011 Quilt Alliance contest, “ Alliances: People, Patterns, Passion.” Yvonne said this about her quilt, titled “Hi 5”:

In pursuit of Visual Alliance I chose to use compatible colors. Red is a favorite from pink to burgundy. Sometimes Red asks for its friend Teal from the other side of the color wheel. Red’s favorite month is February. Thinking of Valentine hearts or all the Red hearts shuffling around in a deck of cards, I have to tell you, when I see the 5 of Hearts, I say “Hi 5”.

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