Note: This interview with Juan Pablo happened during his school recess.

Karen Musgrave (KM): This is Karen Musgrave. Today’s date is March 7, 2007. I am doing a Quilters’ S.O.S. – Save Our Stories interview with Juan Pablo in Boonville, California, and it is 12:10 in the afternoon. Juan, tell me about the quilt that you brought today.

Juan Pablo (JP): I like the cars because they are cool.

KM: What kind of car is this?

JP: Maserati.

KM: Where did you get the fabric for the Maserati?

JP: My mom got it for me from the school [where the Los hilos de la vida meet.]

KM: Got it from the school. You knew exactly what you wanted to do with it when you saw it? So did you pick out all the fabrics for the quilt?

JP: Um, hum.

KM: Why did you pick them out?

JP: Because I like them.

KM: You have up at the top, what kind of fabric do you have up here?

JP: Black sky.

KM: Black sky. So you wanted a black sky. Is it night? The quilt is done at night?

JP: Yeah.

KM: You have a Maserati with flames? How old were you when you made this quilt?

JP: Like six.

KM: You were six years old when you made this quilt? Wow so that was a couple of years ago. What made you decide that you wanted to make a quilt?

JP: I just like the idea.

KM: Is it because your mom makes quilts that you wanted to make a quilt?

JP: Yeah.

KM: Have you made any other quilts?

JP: No.

KM: Just this one?

JP: Yeah.

KM: Is this going to be in the book? Do you know if it is going to be in the book? You don’t know? Did you write a story to go with this quilt?

JP: Yeah.

KM: What was the story?

JP: The Maserati.

KM: The Maserati. Would you like to own a Maserati? Do you like fast cars?

JP: Um, hum.

KM: That is good. Cool. Have you made any other quilts?

JP: Um, hum.

KM: Are you going to?

JP: Yeah.

KM: What is your next one going to be about?

JP: Like a horse.

KM: Horse. Doing what?

JP: Eating, man that is getting him to eat.

KM: A man and a horse. A man feeding a horse.

JP: Ah huh.

KM: What do you do with this quilt? Does it hang in your room?

JP: No.

KM: No.

JP: I don’t know.

KM: You don’t know what you do with it? How come it is not hanging in your room?

JP: I don’t know, because I don’t have it.

KM: You don’t have it because the school has it. We have to tell Molly [Johnson Martinez.] that she has to let you have your quilt, right. Did you mom sew this together for you?

JP: Yeah.

KM: Did you cut the pieces out. So you cut everything out and laid it out, decided where everything was going to be and then your mom sewed it for you.

JP: Um, hum.

KM: Very good. Does anybody else make quilts at your house? No, just your mom.

JP: Um, hum.

KM: What do you brothers, your brothers?

JP: Yeah.

KM: What do they think of this quilt?

JP: Um, that it was cool.

KM: That it is cool. Did you draw the car?

JP: Yeah.

KM: You drew the car all by yourself?

JP: Um, hum.

KM: I like the fabric that you picked out for the tires, it is very cool. You cut the flames out all by yourself?

JP: Um, hum.

KM: Did you make this at home?

JP: Yeah.

KM: How long did it take you, do you remember? No, you don’t remember how long it took you?

JP: Like four days.

KM: Four days of working, that is pretty good for somebody that age, don’t you think? You must be pretty special.

JP: Yeah.

KM: Do you like quiltmaking?

JP: Yeah.

KM: Would you sell this quilt, or do you want to keep it?

JP: Selling it.

KM: You would sell it? How much would you sell your quilt for?

JP: Three hundred.

KM: Three hundred dollars. Your mom has sold quilts, right?

JP: Yeah.

KM: What is your favorite quilt of your mom’s, do you know? No. Do you like all of them? So there is nothing she makes that you don’t like?

JP: No.

KM: That is good. Have your friends seen this quilt?

JP: No.

KM: You don’t share it. I bet they would think it is cool though. Right?

JP: Um, hum.

KM: Good. Do you think quilts are important?

JP: Yeah.

KM: Why do you think quilts are important?

JP: Because you can get more money.

KM: Get more money, okay. What about expression? Do you like the fact that you could express something? No. Do you want to say anything else?

JP: No.

KM: I didn’t think so. Do you want to go to recess?

JP: Yeah.

KM: Thank you. Thank you for doing the interview with me.