Mother’s Day StoryShare

Please consider honoring your mom (or anyone who has mothered you) with a Mother’s Day StoryShare tribute and a donation to the Quilt Alliance.

1. Contribute $20 or more in the name of your honoree on this secure Donate page.
2. Fill out this form to share your tribute story.
3. Call our StoryShare Message line and leave a recording of you reading your tribute. Here are simple instructions. (Tributes without audio recordings are welcomed; we will shared as a photo post with text included in the caption.)
4. Email a photo of your mom or mother figure) to information@quiltalliance.org with StoryShare in the subject line.

We will notify you when the tribute has been posted. Feel good about letting your mom know how much you care, and for supporting the Quilt Alliance’s mission to document, preserve and share the rich history of quilts and their makers!

We are accepting submissions now through May 12 and will be sharing these photos and memories on the Quilt Alliance blog and social media from May 6-12 as they are received.

Thank you for nurturing the Quilt Alliance. We’re proud to have you in our circle!

A beautiful StoryShare tribute, from Mary Kay Davis in honor of her mother, Lucille Carrico.