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Whether you are new to the Quilt Index or a passionate power user, this week I’d like to introduce you to a few of the browsing categories set up by Quilt Index staffers.

To start your browsing journey, visit the home page of The Quilt Index, www.QuiltIndex.org, locate the Browse menu at the top and click on Main. You’ll find six different options for browsing:


This week we’re going to Browse by Purpose/Functon and today’s topic is Art or personal expression.


Here are my top five favs from this category. Tell us your top picks here on the blog or via the Quilt Index Facebook page.

Tip: you can easily generate a citation for any image documented in The Quilt Index by clicking on the How to Cite This Record link at the bottom of each record’s basic or full display page. Just click this link and copy and paste the citation, as I’ve done with images below.


Kniffen, Joan Anna Hron. Pueblo Maiden. 1991. From Wyoming Quilt Project, Inc., Wyoming Quilt Project, Inc.. Published in The Quilt Index, http://www.quiltindex.org/basicdisplay.php?kid=51-8C-394. Accessed: 04/20/2015


Schwabe, Alison. Ora Banda. 1992. From Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, RMQM Permanent Collection. Published in The Quilt Index, http://www.quiltindex.org/basicdisplay.php?kid=4E-86-11A. Accessed: 04/20/2015


Gasperik, Mary. Tree of Life. 1942. From Gasperik Collection, Mary Gasperik Private Collection. Published in The Quilt Index, http://www.quiltindex.org/basicdisplay.php?kid=48-7C-49. Accessed: 04/20/2015


Wahrmund, Peggy Stieler. Country Cousins Quilt. 1985. From Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin, Texas Sesquicentennial Quilt Association, Texas Quilt Search. Published in The Quilt Index, http://www.quiltindex.org/basicdisplay.php?kid=4F-88-170. Accessed: 04/20/2015


Estava, Denise . Bel peyizan lakay. 10/9/2010. From Michigan State University Museum, Michigan State University Museum Collection. Published in The Quilt Index, http://www.quiltindex.org/basicdisplay.php?kid=1E-3D-24F6. Accessed: 04/20/2015

Click on each image to view these quilts on The Quilt Index to read more about their history, design and construction. Be sure to use the zoom tool for a detailed view or click the “See full record” link to see a larger image and all the data entered about each quilt.

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