This week, we are proud to celebrate our Mothers, including any woman who has taught, inspired and supported us. If you are a QA member, it’s not too late to send your images and text. Nonmembers can join or make a $30+ donation to participate. More info here.


Mary Evelynn Sorrell, QA board alumnus

Mary Evelynn Sorrell: “This photo is very special to me because it is four generations of Sorrell women:  my granddaughter Marissa Smith, on the far left; daughter Tiffany Smith next to her, then Mother Evelyn Sorrell, & me on the far right.”

My mother was not a quilter-artist, she was a painter-artist. She taught me to recognize skill in composition, color, dimensionality, and how to pull the viewer into the frame. All of these qualities I can see in my favorite quilts. I am grateful she taught me to appreciate art and recognize the makers for the talented people they are. She led me unknowingly into the most favorite part of my career creating art exhibits.

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Earamichia Brown, QA board member

Earamichia Brown: “My mother Dawn at my law school graduation.”

She has instilled in me the knowledge that love is greater than blood and any other element or force on earth. And with that love you can survive and thrive provided you keep that love in your heart and soul. Because of her I continue to shine bright and strive to live my greatest life.

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Victoria Findlay Wolfe, QA board member alumnus

Victoria Findlay Wolfe with her mom.

I wish I could find the photo of my Mother and I in our matching double knit polyester crazy 60’s multi color print, that she made for us. My mother was a great seamstress and worked for a while at FingerHut. When I would ask her to make my dolls clothes, she would say, “You can do that!” And that is pretty much how I learned to sew garments, by watching my mother and making stuff up as I went a long. Thanks for allowing me to play, Mom!

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